Eco-Welcoming Magnificence Stylish and Sustainable Luggage for Every single Celebration


For men and women who are environmentally conscious but still want to accessorise, Karuna Dawn is your on-line store.We have obtained much more than just sustainable bags and other items that may possibly desire you. Obtaining our products manufactured from sustainable supplies by very-skilled artisansprovided us with a whole assortment of modern and fashionable equipment that we can actually be very pleased of. The resources utilized for these handcrafted products are sourced responsibly and ethically, ensuring that each and every solution is produced with care in respect for the individuals and the setting.

The trendy layout of each and every bag and accent are basically one-offs. So you will be proudly owning a Karuna Dawn merchandise that no one particular else will have as soon as you select what is the perfect item or items you want. Just take for occasion our denim baggage. They are produced from 100% upcycled denim material, in a variety of shades of blue. So every single denim bag is various from the other. One more illustration is our bags that use leaf leather-based. They’re all distinctive due to the fact the leaf imprint in a single bag is diverse from the other. With Karuna Dawn’s trendy and sustainable bags, you will not only own a trendy accessory, but you are going to also be taking pleasure in a a single-off that you can proudly show when you’re out.

STYLISH AND SUSTAINABLE BAGS ’re All About Sustainability

Speaking of denim luggage and leaf leather-based supplies, Karuna Dawn is all about sustainable fashion. We subscribe to the concepts of upcycle, reuse, lessen, and recycle. With our denim luggage, we repurposed old denim into something new, “upcycling” it and conserving at minimum ten,000 litres of h2o (which is what it will take to make just a pair of jeans!). A deserving endeavour without a doubt in direction of our environmental thrust as a business.

Brain you, these denim bags were crafted by females from marginalised groups in India, in which our spouse, who strictly adheres to reasonable trade follow, provides training and chance so they can generate for their people. The identical goes for our messenger luggage and handbags handcrafted to perfection in Thailand, the luggage are lovingly created by the underprivileged customers of the community who have been offered the required training and opportunity by our moral companions to produce these goods.

Vogue with a Coronary heart

Karuna Dawn believes that sustainable living encourages a acutely aware and compassionate setting. Our partnership with companies that share our values will help us towards that objective. Currently being stylish want not affect the surroundings negatively. That is why we are supporting gradual fashion in which mass production of clothes and clothing is completely discouraged. Responsible creation of garments and attire with regard to men and women, the surroundings, and animals is what sluggish style is all about. This involves sourcing sustainable resources, observing reasonable trade techniques, and lowering carbon footprint in the setting, among other things.

Karuna Dawn’s goods, from our handcrafted luggage to our other accessories, are proof of our determination to our advocacy of supporting moral, sustainable, and aware technique to vogue. We aim to modify their life by supplying possibility and employment, emphasising the electrical power of compassionate selections. Many thanks to our business partners who share our objectives. And we also thank you for your assist. It inspires us to create a lot more progressive merchandise that mirror our main values. Soon after all, we can nonetheless be trendy with a coronary heart.

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